Who Ajay Chettri is in CHrist!

I’m Ajay Chettri.

I’m a follower of Jesus and I’m passionate about transforming culture and raising a game-charger with the zealous burning desire to pursue God. Equipping them for their God-given mission, discipling them to release Heaven down to Earth!

I’m also a son, worship leader at ZCFD, servant of truth and the founder of Burning Saints.

Continuing the Movement that Jesus started

A group of individuals who have given up the status quo and are on the journey to openly and honestly talk about healthy sexuality the way God designed: Shame-free, full, passionate, protected and wholesome. Our heart is to raise a young saints who have a passion to build a catalyst culture. We talk about our God-given identity, sex, relationship, marriage and parenting from biblical perspective in related to our daily life by building each other. We are not doing anything new, just continuing the movement that Jesus started 2000 years ago and we want everyone to be part of it. We try to reach as many audiences as we possibly can sharing the truth that will sets us free.

Your Identity
Sexual Purity
Parenting Godly Family