Love is more than what you say.

Loving on purpose

We live in a day of connections through social media and cell phones. The seal of most conversations is a casual, “love you“, as we head off for the next item on our agenda. It takes more than words to build a strong bond between a parent and a child; it takes time and a […]

3 steps to teach children about their sexuality


Why do parents struggle to have conversations about sexuality? There are many reasons but one of the main factors is, talking about the human part. We can see in the bible the first fear that Adam and Eve had was the fear of nakedness and this is what parents struggle to talk about with their […]

A date night of a father with his daughter

Father and a daughter

I love the phrase, “her hand given in marriage.” It implies a father figure who has a loving influence and authority in his daughter’s life. He literally and figuratively holds her hand and watches over and protects her right up until the moment she stands at the altar. He then takes her hand and gives […]