Discovering yourself in your singleness.

Discovering yourself in your singleness

Notice, the first thing God created was not a relationship but it’s singleness. Your relationship may not be successful because of the issue of your singleness. A successful relationship is the fruit of the healthy single life that you have lived. Everything started from the life of singleness; your relationship, your marriage, your parenting everything […]

It’s much simpler to fall in love than to remain in love.


It’s a sad truth that most people fall in love without knowing the value of a relationship. The first question you need to ask yourself is “Why do I want to be in a relationship?’’ The relationship has been perverted by the world that is why we see 8 breakup’s out of 10. The rate […]

A date night of a father with his daughter

Father and a daughter

I love the phrase, “her hand given in marriage.” It implies a father figure who has a loving influence and authority in his daughter’s life. He literally and figuratively holds her hand and watches over and protects her right up until the moment she stands at the altar. He then takes her hand and gives […]

Is your sexuality leading you to Shame?

burning saints on article Shame

When sin is involved, especially sexual sin, shame is the result. That is how God protects His gift of sexuality. It is similar to the warning light in your car that alerts you to the fact something is wrong, and that you need to take heed. When people cross God’s sexual boundary, shame is the […]