A date night of a father with his daughter

I love the phrase, “her hand given in marriage.” It implies a father figure who has a loving influence and authority in his daughter’s life. He literally and figuratively holds her hand and watches over and protects her right up until the moment she stands at the altar. He then takes her hand and gives it to another to hold, transferring to that man the authority over her life and the responsibility to protect and provide for her—a seamless transition. Ideally, there is not one moment in her life when she is not protected, watched over, or cared for in a way that is a blessing to her. I believe that is God’s provision for His daughters. Under this kind of care, a young woman can grow in true beauty and freely release her beauty and nurturing spirit into the nations of the earth.

Mordecai was one such father in Esther’s life. His presence in her life, the words he spoke, and the kind of covering and care he gave her while she was growing up stored up such inner strength and confidence inside her that she had the courage it took to be a deliverer for her entire nation. The presence of a loving, faithful father in the life of a daughter is one of God’s intended means of producing true beauty in the heart of a woman.

A relationship between father-daughter is the position of true beauty in a young woman by God. Just as in the beginning God spoke words into a formless empty and the world came into being, a father’s words create beauty, security and confidence in a daughter. When a father speaks words of blessing, a hug of love, a pure touch, it fills the heart of the daughter, she is not attracted to the other voices that may want to lure her. She is not dependent on those voices to validate her identity because she has already been securely validated in her beauty through her father.

Father and a daughter

Three things a father must do in order to raise a daughter that runs after God’s heart.

A father cannot raise a daughter if the father himself is struggling with his own identity. What a father has is what a father gives to his daughter. A father must know his rightful place in Christ Jesus. He must know that he is deeply loved and who he is in Christ. Every father who is well equipped by their God-given identity also raises their daughters in that same identity. Just like God when He created Adam and Eve in the garden and said “very good” I believe in the same way as a father when we speak words of encouragement it will build up the daughter’s heart and they start valuing them-self balancing with the identity that a father has spoken over her.

The heart of a daughter is to be with a man who has similar qualities of her father… I want to leave this right here so that you can have something to think about.

There has been a lot of talk about spiritual warfare in recent years. If you want to fight hell and the powers of darkness that seek to destroy the hearts of our daughters, I know a type of spiritual warfare that creates value in a daughter’s spirit. It is called “Taking your Daughter out for Tea” or “Going to Her Soccer Game,” and it works in direct opposition to the agenda of hell and darkness that wants to destroy their lives. They need your time, attention, questions and interest. You might be just a dad with your daughter Liza Reddie at the coffee shop, but you are actually fighting hell, warring against that destroying spirit that wants to whisper lies into her ear. You are warring against the demonic spirits that want to induct her into the modern-day harems of our age. You are doing what a dad was designed to do in his daughter’s life.

As a matter of fact, it’s the heart of God to see His daughters walking in their royal God-given identity and it is the responsibility of the father and for that reason, a father has been placed in the family so that his relationship with his daughter would reflect the goodness of God.

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